"It’s hard to measure the impact that having a new logo had on our group’s identity, and our public image, but it was significant. We all immediately fell in love with David’s design. It was simple, fun, and flexible."

-Glamcocks, Burning Man Theme Camp

Glamcocks Logo Design

Formed in 2011, the GLAMCOCKS is a theme camp group created for a growing collection of gay men attending the annual Burning Man festival in a Nevada desert. Sean and I were invited to camp with them at our first Burning Man attendance in 2012. As the group had grown significantly and would have it’s first year with official registered status, they wanted a logo. I was happy to have my design selected. I wanted it to be fun, frisky, glam, a hint retro, and gay-but not too stereotypical. I was initially inspired by the hot wheels logo. I also wanted the logo to be as versatile as possible, to be represented or fabricated in as many ways possible and still read the same, visually. In it’s first year it became a temporary tattoo, stainless steel silk-screened pendant, t-shirts, a large illuminated sign and more. The Glamcocks continue to grow and thrive. Visit www.glamcocks.com


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