GIANT honeycomb chandelier at Nikki/ Crobar nightclub.

We were tasked with building a semi-permanent chandelier/installation at Chicago Nightclub, “Nikki”, formerly Crobar. It was built on the request for a more permanent structure based on a similar installation I designed and built from large mylar balloons.

This “chandelier” is 13′ in diameter. Built from 126 Mirrored hexagons. 90 white framed hexagons.
Lighting consists of 126 small light bulbs in 12 channels and a trio of color changing LED fixtures.
With the exception of the custom steel hoops, which we had outsourced, this was designed and built entirely by Sean and I. The finished result is especially spectacular in person, as the reflected surfaces and negative spaces really mess with your mind and it becomes difficult to really understand what you are looking at. 🙂 Here’s how we made it: