Images on this page will be updated with more acurate renderings when available.

A custom Chinese “iron” framework design on the face of the existing backlit panels around the back of the bar. Note the RS incorporated into the design.
Custom portrait of Rich as a “title display/ photo-op. This portrait may also appear as multiples ( in the style of propoganda postings) elsewhere in Hydrate.

I’ve developed a concept for the traditional Chinese dragon at the entrance to the back bar and dance floor. It will be colorful and illuminated. 
As you pass through the short hallway, the dragon’s body is represented above you with a scale printed fabric that is illuminated. 

The back bar and dance floor will have an impressive number of illuminated traditional Chinese lanterns strung overhead. They will glow gently and with a subtle flicker giving them some energy.  There’s a variety of lanterns styles in the mix. 
“Rice paper dragons” make up the wall + mirror decorations.
Loops will be provided for the duration of the event which will transform the video displays into electric, illuminated Chinese signage 
(in the style of neon and back-lit panels), rather than video displays with more traditional content.  

The stage will be designed with a custom-designed printed fabric backdrop, and with a traditional Chinese translucent screen as a proscenium similar to what will be in the front bar, which will also be softly back-lit. The overall direction is that of a vintage, dark alley, underground/private establishment.  3 giant traditional, golden Chinese fans are opened by Hydrate’s dancers to partially obscure the stage, when a flutter of tissue confetti emerges from behind. The fans are pulled away to reveal Rich Saucedo. (ta-dah!)
A 20″ gong will be center stage. A 32″ gong is also available but would cost an additional $160. 

Total cost for all items above is $4K. $2K deposit received, thank you!
Balance due on the 13th. Thank you!

As soon as I’m provided more detailed information (time, dress, anything to bring, etc…) I will create the required graphics for a Facebook event invitation. A paper invitation can also be created if desired.

This isn’t my territory, but if you are interested in the dancers having these tights. Here’s the link. The belt/buckle was a separate purchase.