2-way mirrors, computer cut for IKEA Üng Drill Mirrors


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Custom manufactured 2-way mirrored acrylic designed specifically for the now discontinued IKEA Üng Drill Mirror
Great for any variety of Spooky special effect installation, or recreating the famous magic mirror from Disney’s Snow White.
(click here to see my “Spooky Face in the Mirror” Effect)

When there is no source of illumination behind the mirror, it appears as a traditional reflective mirror. When illumination is present on the rear side, it appears transparent. A video display, illuminated prop or person can be hidden on the back side of the mirror depending on the installation configuration. Plenty of creative possibilities!

BRAND NEW with a protective film on each side.
High-Quality mirror coating on one side.
1/4″ thick to prevent distortion.
Safer than glass and very durable
Shipped with a protective film

Sold for less than half the cost to acquire and fabricate.  Higher quality and less expensive than any 2 way acrylic mirrors currently available elsewhere.