Looking at the concept of “CELEBRATE” as not a traditional “theme” but more of a message with diverse, visually-interpreted installations, I’m suggesting a modified, specific and consistent rainbow color palette and a large family of simple icons. Represented primarily as stripes, and elaborated in a few graphical interpretations. The icons shown above are only representative of the style, not necessarily specific. Icons would represent things that Sidetrack might celebrate such as a silhouette of the Halsted’s rainbow pylons to represent Boystown,  or a heart to represent love,  or a fist to represent the Stonewall riots and so forth.

The icons could also be represented in the CELEBRATE color scheme if used on their own, such as in a pattern.

4 color variations for the logotype. White face is required for layering on the any of the color graphics.

Working on a logotype for CELEBRATE, I liked the upward movement of the Sidetrack logo and built something loosely reminiscent of it. It has a forced-perspective depth and contrasting outline to it. Celebrate and Sidetrack have the same number of characters which presents interesting possibilities for graphic design and a sign. Alternating between the two creates a loop where neither word is first or last, however if Sidetrack were first, Celebrate should be Celebrates, so not perfect

The suspended stripes for this sign could look great as solid colors or for more excitement and a greater investment, be translucent illuminated tubes with colored lighting. They could be static colors, or individually animated with a quick burst to one of the specified colors, and slowly fading out. Each would cycle randomly, reminiscent of fireworks. The outline on the letters could be dimmable LED neon (probably best in a single color).

Illuminated tubes

These illuminated tubes are constructed with the same materials I would use, but with light pastel-colored light.

Tube material

It’s a translucent material called SatinIce which diffuses light better than any similar material. This means that the LED points of light are not visible.

Interactive Elements

Grafitti styled area featuring “celebrate art” with an interactive space where guests can write/draw their own things to celebrate using a UV light (led or laser pointer) on a glow-in-the-dark surface…which fades.

Guests participate in either a live-event photo (Market Days, etc…) or hashtag-submitted (delayed) photo-mosaic mural.

Guests can submit photos via hashtag to represent “Family” (for example), later to be included in an installation such as a collection of these photospheres, etc…

Guests can write what they would celebrate directly onto a wall/ sculpture or 3D  “CELEBRATE” sign.

Guests can write what they want to celebrate onto drink napkins (for example) that are included in an installation later on.

Component Ideas

Side Bar as a modern stylized history museum:

I suggest a visual timeline display running the length of the space with historical markers at appropriate intervals. I think this anchors the whole history theme. There are many ways this could be produced, or physically positioned. A rainbow Illuminated tube running the length of the space suspended near the ceiling represents a modern timeline with historical markers at appropriate intervals. The timeline could also be composed of the colorful stripe pattern or individual segments in the specified palette, or a myriad of other directiotns. (The above images are only to illustrate a timeline in the context of an installation.) 

Super-stylized fancy frames of notable people with info plaques. 

Modern installation of retro scrolling LED message boards. Each with a single scrolling historical snippet. (The above image is only an example of these displays in an exhibit/installation setting, not a specific recommendation). 

A artistic/ stylized installation of banners, signs, and other historical paraphernalia with an edited, textural projection overlayed onto it of past pride parades, etc… (see Man in the High Castle opening)

Stair step faces in the color scheme, possibly with words or icons overlayed. The above is one possibility. 

3D figure created from many small hanging objects related to the large figure. This could be something as simple as a waving pride flag. Sponsorship opportunities exist utilizing bottle caps, mini bottles or other swag.

Parade Float

The general concept of the float is a stylized mega-cluster/cloud of roundshiny “balloons” in the CELEBRATE color scheme. They are mounted to an elevated platform structure for the float riders.

I think the concept is an excellent interpretation of the CELEBRATE message and is anticipated to be surprisingly practical in terms of construction . The spherical balloons are very durable, more like vinyl balls that have mounting hardware on varying length poles, etc… They are large, shiny, vivid and would have an independent bobbing movement to them.

There are a number of options that come to mind for sponsorship branding. The balloons, which could have one of the CELEBRATE icons on them, could also have some with sponsorship logos in the mix. Those on the float could be wearing logo apparel or holding more of the balls with branding/icons/messaging on them. The skirting area could be reserved for sponsorship logos.

The primary “Sidetrack Celebrates” can be contained to the skirting area of each side of the float, or “layered” in front of the balloon-structure (supported independently). The message can be open-ended, or specific “Sidetrack Celebrates Pride