I believe CAMP SIDETRACK has the potential to be one of the most popular and enjoyable thematic installations for Sidetrack. Given its duration, I would encourage greater detail in addition to the broad picture. There’s a lot of opportunity for simple, enhanced engagement. There are layers to these propositions as well; ranging from a more strictly decorative direction to incorporating more elements of Sidetrack’s attributes,  LGBT or appropriate adult subtext. 
Some images on this page are for basic reference, not necessarily specific examples, and not as styled as intended suggestions.
Renderings of actual designs are added where applicable prior to any installation.

Here is my suggestion for the CAMP SIDETRACK logo when used in print, video, marketing or merchandise such as shirts or hats. Below are 1 color, 2 color and full-color representations on various backgrounds as they might appear in use.

Entrance (camp entrance) 
A flag pole or two are connected at the back of the center courtyard structure. This has any/all of the following American Flag, camp flag(s) and a pair of boxer shorts flown. At the top of one of the flagpoles is an outdoor PA speaker, which could be functional, playing periodic pre-recorded messages, or used live by the staff.

Cherry Bar (Cabins) 
Tartan plaid cafe curtains with wooded, scenic prints in recessed areas.  I think the curtains alone are also effective without the scenic prints.
The plaid fabric could be a custom print with either Camp Sidetrack elements and or a sponsorship brand.
I think the long wall above the banquet would be a good space for interior cabin display with the cabin name and a faux moose head.
Maybe swap out all of the glass track lights over the bar with something more on theme, perhaps mason jar lights (if not used in the upper cherry bar)?
This singular cabin name can be part of a co-branded series (represented on the camp map or signs), such as Grindr, Scruff and Tinder or Stoli, Absolut and Bacardi– for example.

Glass Bar (The Lodge)
Suspended in front of the glass windows is a CAMP SIDETRACK sign. Not the camp logo, but rather a more traditional (and extra nostalgic) hand-crafted wood sign. It is 8′ in length. It is suspended below a log, or rough timber beam with 3 barn sconce lights to illuminate it. Two canoes are hung in a stacked configuration with CAMP SIDETRACK stenciled on each with a number.
A flag pole or two are connected at the back of the center courtyard structure. This has any/all of the following American Flag, camp flag(s) and a pair of boxer shorts flown. At the top of one of the flagpoles is an outdoor PA speaker, which could be functional, playing periodic pre-recorded messages, or used live by the staff. 
At the back of the glass bar is a large canvas mural lashed to the aluminum framework and covering the entire space above the doorway. I propose a stylized illustrated camp map with the camp logo and the complete layout of Camp Sidetrack featuring all of the bar areas, as well as non-existent supplemental areas. This creates a much more compelling “story” to hold everything together as well as providing a great visual. 
The DJ booth could be wrapped with either a real wood plank staff-only clubhouse facade or a matte finish printed wrap, possibly embellished with a small wood overhang. 
Brick walls have oars/ life preserver nearer to the canoes, and large graphic poster prints with such things as knot diagrams, edible plants, camp mottos, canoe safety.
Subtle evergreen fragrance.

Upper Cherry Bar (Campfire or Firefly Circle)
The arrangement of this space is really ideal for a sort of “campfire” setting. The silhouette of the tree line of a forest run the perimeter above the banquettes, backlit with a dark blue “dusk” lighting. 

The center of the space would be a campfire setup, with glowing simulated embers, no flame.

Wood/Side Bar (Assembly Hall)
Most of the design of this space is focused on the upper perimeter of the space. It’s a stylized and designed collage of the following:
Hand Painted Banners
Trophies and achievement ribbons
Cafeteria Trays
Cafeteria-style  moveable type menu board
T-shirts from previous year’s camps
Posters (team building inspiration, camp mottos, etc..)
Camp letters w/ stickers
Framed photos of camp (Sidetrack) staff
Camp crafts (yarn, popsicle sticks, etc..)

I would encourage these elements to have a range of customization specific to Sidetrack and its interests. Such as popsicle sticks in the formation of a martini glass and beer mug, banners for annual sidetrack events, etc…

Back Bar (The Adventure Outpost in Bear Country )

A sort of nature center, hiking outpost with a focus on bear sightings and related artifacts. In addition to the proposed faux rock panel-faced columns, I propose the walls to have a designed collage of the following:

Identification Posters (rocks, leaves, birds and other animals, animal tracks, etc…)
Artifacts (bear paw imprint cast, mounted butterflies, shells, pressed flowers, possibly a taxidermied animal, etc…)
Survival Guides (How to pitch a tent, smoke signals, etc…)
Backpacks and rope hung overhead from the metal overhand structure.

Main Bar (Morningwood Meadow )
This is a challenging space as sightlines to the video screens prevent hanging anything from the ceiling, and the space, although dark, is rather modern, especially the saturated LED lighting. If anything, I see placing some wooden park style signs that you might find in a state forest along the few areas of wall that can be covered, and adding a variety of woodland foliage.
I suggest replacing the CHICAGO marquee with a fun wooden Camp Sidetrack sign illuminated from above with a set of three small vintage barn lights, and with replaceable slats of wood hung below the main sign, and serving the function of announcing upcoming events, etc… These can be produced locally and for a comparable cost as the current transparent overlays used on the CHICAGO marquee. Artificial evergreen or other woodland greenery would be placed around and behind the sign to complete the vignette.

Rooftop (Pectoral Peak and Leinenkugel Lounge)
Hand-painted bird feeders on posts within the plants.
I’d suggest the landscaping to be heavy on the evergreen shrubs/ trees, birch, moss, wildflowers and other woodland variety in a more natural looking arrangement.
Logs / stumps included the planters.
Tire swing hung from “roof” structure over a planter. Visible, but placed over a shrub to deter drunk people from trying to hang from it.
Illuminated faux fireflies in the plants.
Replace red light bulbs with dimmed clear bulbs in existing strings and add more lanterns within the planters or on posts.
Vintage novelty light strings at the outside bar window.
Outside bar becomes the snack shack (graphic or sign added to awning overhang). Maybe red and white coolers could be used for something. 

Additional notes
In addition to the main camp logo, I believe CAMP SIDETRACK should also be implemented in a diagetic manner when it comes to hand-lettered signs, canoe stencils, “hand-built” camp signs, etc…
Bar snacks are now trail mix
Camp themed drinks such as S’mores or Toasted Marshmallow, SPF30…
Earn merit badges (stickers or buttons) through various possible interactions. Good tipper merit badge, trying all 5 of a certain beverage, etc…This could be facilitated through a quarterly printed “camp map” which functions as marketing for Sidetrack events, but could also include some simple “camp activities” to further engage patrons if they so choose.
Possible cross-bar communication could be fun on the rooftop or possibly in the glassbar, via two communication outposts, with a hand-cranked rope and pulley system with a tin or clothespins can that can pull paper messages back and forth between patrons, possibly from the DJ booth?
Staff camp shirts are polos as the primary shirt. Logo T-shirts would be great in both the logo and with the sign art. Other fun things could include an embroidered patch, a custom designed bandana, lanyard whistles, visors, baseball caps, or fishing hats. 

Parade Entry
The flatbed trailer is a lakefront camp scene with an elevated dock extending out from the land, with trees and the Camp Sidetrack sign at the far end of the float, a campfire, roasting weenies and couple marshmallows or an elevated clubhouse atop a tree trunk base.  Adjacent to the float are 2-3 individuals in personal kayak’s, (worn as costumes with their legs through the kayak, possibly wearing rollerblades)  paddling along in the “lake”. Below is a rough-and-quick sketch.