"The most clever and effective club flyers I've ever seen"

-GLEE CLUB promoters

Glee Club Event Marketing & Production

In 2010, Crobar nightclub had just reopened as the VIBE when I was tasked with developing an event for Chicago’s gay pride weekend. In keeping with the venue’s longstanding Pride parties and to help identify the space, I wanted draw on the infamous GLEE CLUB brand from the original Crobar. I designed this marketing campaign based on the newly popular Glee television show, with original photography of well known people from vastly different social circles, and representing a wide variety of personalities to draw as diverse a crowd as possible. In addition to these colorful advertisements, I devised a mass printed flyer intended for personal distribution, and designed to look like a hand-written note. Recipients would almost unanimously be engaged by the advertisement-in-disguise as well as pocketing it afterwards, something extremely rare for most hand-delivered club flyers. The event itself featured a surprise flash-mob style dance number and a fun interactive photo booth among other surprises.


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