"Exactly what we were looking for. The guests loved it! Thanks for your attention to detail"

-Bruce Ortiz, Sonic Neuro

"Mani-Cam" Miniature Red Carpet Set: Sonic Neuro Beverage

Neuro Drinks contracted us to create this “Mani-Cam” prop/set for an event experience they were sponsoring. Guests were invited to get manicures and then “pose” their manicure on this miniature red carpet experience for a photo souvenir and social media. All of the stanchions were built from hardware and jewelry components.

"You guys did such an incredible job and were great at communicating with us through each step of the process"

-Stephie Brown, Abby Sparks Jewelry

"Mani-Cam" Miniature Premiere Set: Abby Sparks Jewelry

When we were contracted to make the “mani-cam” set for Sonic Neuro, I never would have guessed we’d make another, however Denver custom jeweler Abby Sparks Jewelry requested one for their clients to photograph their completed jewelry in a playful way.

Since this is a permanent display in their new studio location, we made appropriate design enhancements over the table-top version we’d previously built. In addtion to making it free-standing, we built in lighting and an adjustable camera mount. The end result is easy and fun to interact with. 


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