Another AMAZING set design! Thank you!

-Matthew Harvat, Event Producer

Superhero Themed Event: House of Blues

For a 2011 superhero themed dance party hosted by Circuit Mom at the House of Blues in Chicago, we went with a look based on Gotham city- somewhere between the Tim Burton and Christopher Nolan aesthetics. The House of Blues already embraces this theme with it’s wild interiors. I wanted to create a design that referenced a Gotham cityscape from the roof tops of nearby buildings. Newer technology “Sharpy” lights were specified to perform double duty as scenic searchlights and dance floor lighting. Fun elements included an oscillating “bat signal” light and a villainous graphical countdown on a large peculiar looking device- which ultimately ended in a blast of green glowing confetti. We created a CO2 blaster for Mr. Freeze and a large-scale smoke ring launcher for another superhero/go-go dancer. The balconies were plastered with clever and humorous hand-painted, superhero-themed “rally” posters. with costumes created by Shawn Satterfield.

Did you ever know that you’re my hero?

Stop the avenging!

No tax brakes for underground lairs!

League us alone!

AquaGuy shaves his legs.

Less evil, more balloons for the kids.

Vote NO on spandex tax

Thanks for saving our city! Get your invoice in before Dec 31st please.

Deep down, we all have an evil twin somewhere.

Fighting crime isn’t a crime

Go back to flying school!

If everyone has powers, then no one does. Deregulate now!


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