Fantastic work, Gentlemen! Everyone's in love with it!

-Matthew Harvat, Event Producer

Volcano Themed Event: House of Blues

We were asked to create the environment and set design for a Volcano themed dance event at the House of Blues. Volcano’s are exciting visual elements, but as a set piece they pose a lot of challenges to the smaller budgets of a single event. We suggested styling the stage like a vintage tropical postcard, utilizing some forced perspective, featuring the volcano in the distance and including a lot of layers of 2 dimensional set pieces like an elaborate pop-up card or a nostalgic school play. Our DJ booth “hut” was particulary effective, being more-or-less an angled theatrical flat in front of the equipment table and allowing the DJ more freedom of movement. Strings of paper lanterns pulled the entire visual out over the dance floor. One challenge was hiding the laser and cryogenic effect equipment to maintain the visual scale of the big picture. We incorporated those effects into our tiki statues, which multiplied their impact. The volcano erupted with confetti and cryogenic fog at the peak of the event.


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