"You knocked the REPLAY wall installation OUT. OF. THE. PARK."

Johnny Oppenheimer, Replay Owner

Pinball Mural: Replay Andersonville

This project began with the request to consult on a superhero themed mural for the second location of Chicago arcade bar, Replay, one month before opening. The task of creating something that says superhero without featuring any licensed images or characters was a bigger task than the timeline or budget would permit. I suggested a pinball theme because of the many visual elements that are not tied to any protected property. The first draft was deemed too retro for the concept and was retooled with an 80’s direction. I was also able to create illuminated components without the expense of additional electrical runs through the already finished wall structure. The random flashing of incandescent twinkle bulbs perfectly replicated the pinball effect without the expense of a control unit. Replay has a fairly open design, so the mural receives a great deal of exposure and helps creates an fun and appropriate environment. www.replayandersonville.com


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