"THIS IS AMAZING! Fantastic work, gentlemen!"

-Matthew Harvat, C.M. Productions.

Superhero Resurrection Dance Event: House of Blues

With a deadline less than a month away, we were tasked with creating the stage set and environment for a dance party at Chicago’s House of Blues. The superhero theme was very familiar to us, as we had created the designs for the original Superhero party at the same venue in 2012. The direction provided to us was limited to the existing advertisement image. We created a layered, faceted design reminiscent of the icy crystalline makeup of the advertisement model. Strobe lights and lasers were specified for the intersections of the panel structures. A custom informational-display loop of ambiguous superhero/ villainous nature was rear projected onto a circular screen at the top of the proscenium and included elements of the event producer’s logo and a Chicago reference. A huge, 3-meter glowing moon was positioned in the venue, high above the dance floor. We also supplied confetti and streamer effects to the night as fun surprises.

3D modeling software was used to carefully integrate required platforms and equipment starting with measurements provided by the venue. We’ve learned the practical measurements are smaller, so kept that in mind during the design. Last minute changes in platform dimensions and supplied equipment required adaptation of our design, but resulted in minimal impact.

Please interact with this 3D model viewer >


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